Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Can Get The Cookie N Eat It, Too!

"Cheerful colors are a feast to the eyes and delights to the soul.
Chocolate is a feast to the palate and a gift to your precious self."
LeeAnne, Style N Season
What do you think of this chocolate-colored carriage? Just add a glittery ballgown, and I'd feel like Cinderella! The carriage is part of the decoration of Magnum Cafe, at Grand Indonesia. Some time ago, the FMCG giant Unilever rebranded their Walls' Magnum ice cream and relaunched it to the masses to a huge success. They opened this hip cafe which received so much buzz on the internet, and finally today after work, I decide to treat myself with something delicious and something sweet, and make my first visit to the royal-themed cafe! (Not just the carriage, the server even called me 'my lady'!)
Aaaanyway, this is what I wore to the office before the happy-hour night out.
The colors of this top screams out so much, that I tone it down with lots of blacks. However, I still wear this funky striped red thick soles, just for the fun of it!
And these flower earrings!Afterhours, I keep the blacks in the drawer and came up with this casual, cheerful look. Yeah, as much as I love my daytime job, sometimes when I wake up in the morning, all I can think is: "Oooooh... I cannot wait until five o-clock and I can change into my cute ensemble and go to the mall and have some ice cream and see all those delighful accessories at Forever 21!"Office-hour look:
Black blazer: Brooks Brothers Woman (USA). Black pants: office uniform by Invio. Colorful top: Cop-Copine Paris (France). Wedges: Mon Cher by Lolly. Sky blue bag: Les Catino (Emporium Pluit). Bottom and top (owl) bangles: from Jerusalem. Middle bangle: from Plaza Semanggi. Flower earrings: Lotus Department Store.
After-office-hour look:
Jeans: old and rolled up. Pink cardigan: Marks & Spencer.Love the interior of Magnum Cafe! In my words, it's 'grown-up girlie' or 'grown-up princess style'. So instead of a heavy doze of pinks, they combine rich chocolate color, ecru, royal red and a lot of greens in the form of fake planters. It's like the inside of a dream castle, but in this case, grown-up dream castle! The menu consists of 30% main course and 70% dessert made of various yummy ingredients such as (of course!) Magnum ice cream, waffle, chocolate sauce, fruits, fondue, etc. I was hungry, so I ordered this fancy hotdog with lots of ginger mayo, melted cheese, and fried onions. And herb french fries on the side. They don't just call them hotdog and fries, of course, they have a much grander names, but unfortunately, I forgot what they were since they were too fancy and sophisticated sounding names!The dessert is huge! If you want to orde one of these sweet babies, I'd suggest you share it with a friend. Or even two friends so you have a space in your stomach to order something else. Leaving the restaurant and heading to Blitz Theater for a movie, I couldn't help not to pose with these super cute Magnum benches!
See? The benches's shape and color just represent the delicious ice cream itself!


just tututiny said...

I love that top on you, such a vibrant and pretty color. It was def. a good idea to complete the outfit with black pants and blazer, really brings attention to the top alone. Chocolate carriage? Yes please, I would probably eat my way out though ;) These photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing.


Mongs said...

hoho, your T-shirt is so cute, I love the colors. And you have MAgnum cafe? that's so cool! The magnum benches are so adorable.


ChiChi81 said...

That cafe is awesome, and the food looks delicious. The fries with herbs looks so good, and my gosh that dessert is huge! The theme of this cafe is just adorable, I would definitely give that a try if I ever wander off to Indonesia someday :) And I just love your after-office outfit. That pink cardigan is just lovely, and I really like your owl bangle.


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laura said...

Leeann, I am so sorry about the restrictions for my giveaway! :( I am thinking of having another giveaway soon, so stay tuned! :)

I am so glad you found my blog cos now I found yours! I love the way you styled that funky shirt! I am your newest follower!
♥ laura
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oomph. said...

that owl bracelet is so cute! i love the tee with the pink sweater and denim.


Joyce said...

I like your bracelets!

C & M said...

yummy! looks sooo good! :D
and i love your outfits! :D

Bravoe Runway said...

I wasn't hungry but now I am! Those ice cream specialties look delicious!

Catherine Au Jong said...

wow that is one cute top!

check out my new post!


Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

So yumm... i'm craving for ice cream right now :D


LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Thank you for all your sweet notes, Friends! And yes, an ice cream after a hard day of labor is really nice, hehehe

LeeAnne, Style N Season

Hallie said...

What a fun top!!!and nice ice cream of course!:D

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