Monday, October 31, 2011

My Kind of Tropical Halloween

Well, what's so Halloween about this flimsy flowery top, you might ask. Well, just scroll down, Friends, and you'll see! ^__^

Actually, this is what I wore sometime in September, when I ran some errands for my parents. My Dad wanted some Chinese food for lunch, and Mom wanted to buy some croissants and rolls for breakfast. - she likes to eat bread for breakfast instead of Indonesian rice - , so I just drove them to the nearest mall. I kept the pictures for this Halloween post, because the capri is some kind of orange, though not really that vibrant pumpkin orange color associated with Halloween. Why tropical? Because of the lovely, colorful, handpainted, embroidered Balinese top, of course! Errr, I think it's supposed to be worn as a pajama top, but it's so cute I like to wear it outside the house!

I love Halloween. Well, actually I love all kinds of holidays and celebrations! I know some people in the religious circle say that we should not celebrate Halloween, because it's pagan or something like that. Still, I personally think that any excuse to gather with your family, friends and loved ones, eat simple good food, sweet cakes, put up some cute decorations, laugh, be merry, and celebrate, is good. Isn't life a celebration in itself? As long as we keep it in moderation, in the right perspective and without the excessive extravagance. So...

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Even the backside of this lovely top is handpainted in vibrant colors. I love!
The material is too thin and flimsy though, so I layered with a tank top underneath.
Look how lovely the handpainting and embroidery at the front!

Top: from Bali (it's a steal, only IDR 35k or USD 3.5!). Fuschia tank top: Express (USA). Orange capri pants: from Hongkong. Tosca blue purse: Stradivarius. Turquoise earrings: from Sydney. Turquoise bangle: from Shanghai. Blue sandals with bow: one of my summer haul from Plaza Semanggi, they're pretty, and better yet, they're super cheap!


Amanda Nguyen said...

so fun! love the hot colors!! yes, a very tropical halloween indeed!


laura said...

The flowers are super cute! and the whole outfit is really bright and cheery-- perfect for going out to get a quick bite! And I totally agree with you on the whole Halloween bit. any excuse to go celebrate!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Diana said...

I love your simple outfit ^_^ I've seen flowers like that here haha! :)

ChiChi81 said...

I love the colours and the intricate details of your top, and the fact that these are hand painted and embroidered. And for $3.5, it is indeed a steal! And lol.. this is the perfect take for a tropical Halloween. And yeah, over here, Halloween is not that much celebrated because the "oldies" believe it's a pagan belief but I so agree with you. I celebrate it for the fun of it, and we all need a bit of fun every now and then ;)


A Single Girl's Musings

Galaxia said...

Tropical Halloween sounds good to me. I esp. like your orange pants.

Caroline Robianto said...



Jill said...

So pretty and easy! Gosh, it was a snowstorm here in NY!

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