Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thus They Call It The Promised Land (Part 4): Via Dolorosa

Finally, the highlight of the spiritual journey: Via Dolorosa or The Way of The Cross! It means we walk through the narrow streets and alleys of Old Jerusalem where Jesus was presumably walked and carried His cross to Golgotha.
We start at one of the seven gates of the old city, where it was believed where Mary were born and used to live, now St. Anna Church. (St. Anna was mother of Mary)

My heavenly Mother, Our Lady, St. Mary.

Cannot believe Jesus used to walk on these alleys and saw the same sky, perhaps even touched the same sandstone walls when he fell down, while people jeered at him and mocked him. I know I should have felt solemn and remorseful, but people had warned me before I left for Holyland: "Beware of Via Dolorosa. Most likely you cannot concentrate because right and left you'll see stores and old city market with many many beautiful things spread out." Shamefully, I had to admit, though my tongue mumbled prayers and Hail Mary, my eyes darted around from pretty scarves to antique lamps to incense sticks, and oh, those dates look so fresh and yummy! Forgive me, O Lord. The soul is willing, but the flesh is weak. Indeed...

Finally we reached Golgotha, now also a church, and tomb of Jesus where thousands of people were waiting in line of six to take turn entering the tomb and pray. You might wonder, what did I pray at this holy place? What did I ask? Well, nothing. I didn't ask anything. I didn't even feel like it was proper or I was worthy to ask for anything, but to say over and over:
"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being my saviour.
Thank you, for loving me THAT much."

Yep, the feeling of gratitude, gratefulness, and thanks, were overwhelming.

Comic top (isn't it cute!): unbranded (ITC Mangga Dua). Turquoise bead necklace: DIY project. Blue and green scarf, tied as a belt: thrift, from Miami. Turquoise earrings: from Sydney. Red patent bag: from Makati, Philippines. Sneakers: Nike, gift (Plaza Senayan). Shade: Oakley.

This is where we had lunch before leaving the Old City of Jerusalem. It was called The Gate, since it was right before the Seventh Gate, which is the last gate, of the city.

Everything held Christianity-theme here, even the plants!
Jerusalem is a hilly city, as you can see here, from this spot right outside the Seventh Gate.
Naughty wind! I just sat there, minding my own business, and suddenly, whoosh, the wind blew like crazy and ruffled my hair all over the place!
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Ivana said...

Wow, looks like you had an amazing time, lucky you :)

Happy Tuesday!

xx Ivana
Style in the City

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Très Chic by paulina said...

what a beautiful place!!! love your pictures.

kileen said...

very cool pictures! and i love the scarf as a belt!

cute & little

t said...

Nice outfit!


Erica Louise said...

Love your scarf as belt too, great idea

Pia said...

love to go to israel one of this days. one of my dream trip.

Kathleen said...

I have always wanted to travel to Jerusalem. It is such a beautiful place and you are such a lovely lady. Thank you for sharing :)

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