Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Simple Gal Journal: May Caleidoscope of Love, Thanks N Happiness

This May...

I'm loving and thankful and happy...

That for the very first time ever, I'm celebrating birthday with my husband!

It feels odd, yet it feels wonderful, too! I'm still getting used to the idea that I'm a married woman now! ^_^

That so many people remembered my birthday!

I received like six birthday cakes sent to me at my office, I think my colleagues were getting sick from eating too much sweets for the day! I got a cheesecake, a chocolate cake, a strawberry cheesecake, a mango cake, a fruit cake, and a tiramisu cake. I brought home the chocolate cake to give my Mom-in-law, the rest were divided among people at the office.

For these beautiful presents from my Mom-in-law.

She loves fashion, and she knows that I do, too, so she gave me this pretty necklace and metal belt. I'm so excited to style them! I have limited closet space now, I can no longer buy new clothes, shoes or purses, but there's still room for accessories! Haha!

For these lovely birthday gifts from dear friends.

I didn't take pictures of all of them, but I got so many beautiful and thoughtful gifts: body lotion, aromateraphy candles, pretty nightie, cute purse/keychain, chocolates, and many more! I'm so glad and blessed to have so many friends giving me these gifts. I love presents! But what girl doesn't, rite!

For a girlie girl like me, beautiful packaging adds the thrills of receiving presents!

I'm glad to receive these pretty accessories and pale yellow nightie. I have limited storage space now, so no more new purses or shoes, but I still have plenty of space in my accessory boxes! ^_^

And this cheerful yellow key/bag chain will add an extra cheer to any purse. Love it!

And of course for this necklace my dear Husband got me from E-bay as birthday present.

I have wanted this F21 turquoise for quite some time, and it took me some pondering before deciding that I truly wanted it. So, I'm so  glad to finally own one! Thank you, Hubby! I guess you know by now that I just love when you give me presents. Any kind of presents. It doesn't have to be expensive like you love to give me sometimes. No Tiffany box? A package from Ebay will do just fine! No lavish vacation? A simple movie night at home with a box of chocolate will make me happy. He's new to Ebay like so many other people in Indonesia, but several gifts that I insisted that he bought from Ebay for me have convinced him that yes, you can find great deals for great stuffs on Ebay.

For the extra-long four-day weekend!

So I could visit my parents at my hometown for several days, eat my favorite childhood food, just be a child again, sleep, eat, play around the vast garden and have a nice, long conversation with my Mom and Dad. Thank you, Hubby, for letting me having an extra two days before joining me, so I could have some time alone with my parents!

That I live in this era of the internet!

So that I could have all this kind of information and ideas just at the tip of my fingers, literally! I know many people have lamented about the negative side of the internet, but everything in this world has positive and negative sides, depend on how we see it and make it. Let's concentrate on the positive.

I feel very blessed. It's been a great month. Thank you, Lord...

Are you having a great month of May so far?


dunia kecil indi said...

wah, selamat, yaaa!! :))

Godsgalnj said...

6 cakes! That is something! lol Happy Belated Birthday - glad it was a wonderful one! :)

bp said...

:) Looks like you got some nice things. Wow, that's a lot of cakes. How fun to be celebrated!

God bless you.

Anne said...

Lovely gifts! Have a great weekend:)

Pink Thoughts said...

Same here. I like girly packaging too!! Love to receive them!!!

Thanks for joining Pink Fridays!!!

imriz said...

reading your post feels like how great it was to be love by people around us.

hapy birthday...and, enjoy your awesome pressies :)

k@ye said...

Girl, you're so lucky! In my 30 yrs of existence (ooppss! I just revealed my age), I've never received a lot of cakes from friends or families. May has always been one of my favorite months since it is the month when I celebrate my birthday. Those are cool and pretty present you got there! :)

Visiting from PinkFridays

emzkie said...

oh wow! i love all your presents! very fashionable and so nice of everyone to give you presents.

visiting from PF!

Bless said...

Belated happy birthday!!!

Visiting for Pink Friday!

aliz said...

How blessed you are!Belated Happy Birthday!

zoan said...

belated happy birthday! awesome packaging and grandeur gifts:)

visiting from PF, here is mine :

Cheerful said...

you're lucky and blessed to have those people around you...:) lots of cakes and lots of goodies! and i love ebay, too! happy birthday. visiting from PF, hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. :)

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