Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Highlights of the Month: Sequins N Traveling

Hello, Friends!
I have been MIA for the past couple of weeks due to many, many, many, MANY things. You might notice that I have not been writing week in recap for quite a while, and I most definitely miss writing one! The other posts were scheduled posts, because I try to always have a "post bank" for the days (or weeks) when I'm too busy to write anything or have a writer's block.
Well, it's too late now to write week recap, but let me making it up by writing a month recap, sharing with you some highlights of the month of July.
First of all, let me share you what I got at the beginning of July. I got these cutesy, kitschy, sequinny, sparkly, glittery Hello Kitty purses! I love sequinned bags, I love Hello Kitty, so both of them rolled into one bag is just putting a big smile on my face. I had been eyeing these babies for awhile on Instagram online shops, but when I really try to buy one, they were ALL sold out. I was disappointed, but didn't care that much, until one day, I went to lunch with my coworkers and stumbled upon a young lady in casual jeans and white shirt carrying a black, sequiny Hello Kitty bag in all bling-bling and shiny, and she looks casual and elegant and classy and edgy at the same time! The real purse was waaaaayyyyy much better looking (or for some people, tacky looking) in real life than in pictures that I saw on Instagram. I said to myself right at that momen: "LeeAnne, you have to have that, or you will regret it for the rest of your life."
However, I searched all over the Instagram olshop in Indonesia, and all of them have sold out. I could not find even one bag left, in any color. I was totally devastated. OK, I might sound like an overgrown drama queen, and it felt like that. On Saturday, I went to the mall with my husband and son. Hubby wanted to purchase some new games for his PS3. I got bored waiting for him and wandered with Michael to a clothing store. It's been there forever, and I have been to the mall like a hundred times, but I never entered that particular store. And there it is! Sparkling like tinsel that decorates the Christmas tree, as gorgeous and striking as a glittery disco ball, held by a manequin: this most impractical looking silver beauty...
Really, picture doesn't do it justice. The Hello Kitty face is made up colorful sparkly rhinestones, and the purse is all covered with silver sequins. The size is just correct, and I love the strap. It might look impractical, but actually it can fit many many things. It's just a perfect accessory for a casual look!
I hesitated to buy it, since again, it doesn't look like a fit purse for a mid-thirty mom like me, but I couldn't get it out of my mind. I kept thinking about it after leaving the store, and after leaving the mall. And I couldn't stop thinking about it all day! So finally, in the evening after Church and after tucking Michael in with the sitter, we went back to the mall - which is conveniently located five minutes away - so I could buy the silver Hello Kitty sequin bag.
When I stepped into the store, the saleslady told me that the store is having a special this weekend: I would get 40% discount if I buy two items! That's almost half price! There was this other Hello Kitty bag, with clasp style, denim material, and white rhinestones all over it. I felt guilty to want BOTH purses, but Hubby encouraged me. "It's almost like buy one get one free, it would be a pity not to get both, " he said. So I did. And I'm very happy about it, even until today. 
My Mom would frown and say it's unsuitable. Some people would even say it's tacky. But, hey, I feel fabulous carrying this bag, I feel good! I don't know whether I will still feel comfortable carrying a Hello Kitty bag, or Hello Kitty anything really, several years from now, but up to today, Hello Kitty still makes me smile. I am so thankful that Hubby, though he doesn't care for Hello Kitty, and he couldn't see why I love Hello Kitty so much, fully support my inner-childlikeness. Thank you, Hubby!
July was also Indonesia's President election month. This is the first year I vote, so it's pretty special! I never voted before this year, but now since I got older, and a little bit wiser, I realized that it's my right AND responsibility to vote. Every vote matters, and even if there are only two choices which I do not like, I am still able to vote the best of the not-so-good options!

 At the end of July, we would be leaving for a 17-days trip to Italy. Michael would not go with us, staying with my Mom instead. Naturally, we wanted to spend as much time as possible with him before our departure. We took him for walks to nearby park every weekend, we played with him and I read to him after work. Actually it's what we've been doing all along, but this time, we really tried to live in the moment of just being with him, knowing that we won't be seeing his little cute face for 17 days, if you know what I mean. On the last weekend before leaving, I took Michael to my hometown, 45-minute by airplane, and stayed with him during the weekend. My parents, of course, were very happy to have him. They are in their seventies, so I guess it's fun to hear little voices cooing and little feet running around the house again. Look at the picture below of little Michael playing with his Grandpa! So cute, rite!
It was the first time of me traveling with Hubby, or doing any kind of traveling really, since our marriage, since I got pregnant right after our honeymoon. We had a wonderful time, and I guess we needed some time alone, but we missed our son very much!
Traveling the world is something that I always dreamed about, and slowly I'm beginning to realize that dream. But like Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz said at the end of the movie: "There's no place like home!"

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