Monday, August 4, 2014

Toddler Activity: Keeping Your Toddler Occupied

If you are a mom with toddler, or toddlers, you must know those times when you were trying to prepare dinner, or eating dinner, or taking a bath, or putting on your makeup, and you have a fuzzy one-year-old hugging your legs and refuse to let go. Ow, and the toddler was yelling and crying too for you to pick him or her up.

Have you had those experience?

I did. Lots.

Here I will share with you what I did to help me stay sane and be able to finish whatever it was I was doing at the moment, and keep the little one happily occupied at the same time. Well, at least, it had gone well for the past month or so.

What is that?

I'd call it Mommy Poppins bag!

When we were little, didn't we enjoy playing treasure hunt and finding treasure chest? Well, the principle is the same. My son is always curious about bags, purses, pouches, drawers, cupboards, and whatever is inside them. I found that he will forget about hugging Mommy's legs and get busy instead hunting inside Mommy's bag. Or drawer. Or pantry cupboard. Whatever.

Here, my caramel messenger bag kept him busy while I was putting on makeup before taking a Sunday stroll at a nearby mall.

And here, he was searching God-knows-what inside Mommy's purse while I was having dinner after work. I found that by just leaving a small gap, just enough for his hand, the "play" would be more challenging and keep him busy much longer that if I just let the purse wide open for him to dig around. 

He doesn't even care that it's a Hello Kitty bag and Hello Kitty is not for boys.
Mommy can enjoy her dinner! Yahoo!!

Even my small phone pouches delighted him and he just played nicely on the floor while I was preparing his diaper bag.

And after the outing, again, he threw everything out from inside his diaper bag, and then after the diaper bag is empty, he was satisfied to play with Mommy's phone pouch while Mommy was preparing family lunch.

Mommy was taking shower, so I just let Michael dig around my dresser drawer, full to the brim with our family's toiletries and bath supplies. I took away anything than can potentially turn into disaster such as razor blades, anything sharp or pointy, and anything breakable, of course. And I also made sure to put something big and heavy so he cannot close the drawer and hurt his little fingers. So Mommy could have her shower and came out sweet smelling, while Michael was happily playing around with packs of toothpaste, bar soaps, pots of creams and lotions. ^__^

And he loves rummaging around Mommy's food pantry, too!

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Larissa said...

He is adorable! My daughter loves playing with bags, pantry, and about everything else in between!

JES said...

I love the name "Mommy Poppins" bag! Great idea to fill an old purse with all kinds of kid-friendly gadgets. The tupperware drawer was also a hit for us...

Thanks for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)

Debbie Jackson said...

Kids love anything they can peek into and see new things! Fun ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Debbie Jackson said...

Not sure if comment was added, so I thought I'd try again! Sorry! Kids love things like this and peeking into bags and everything else they can! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

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