Monday, August 10, 2015

A Month in Recap: July and first week of August

Hi, Lovely Friends!

Finally! Another week in recap post, or in this case, month in recap!

Let's start with when I took Michael on a short flight to my hometown. As you know, every year Hubby and I travel for about two weeks so I ask my parents if they would take care of Michael for us while we're gone. My parents didn't mind at all, in fact, they were delighted to take care of their grandson!

But first, let me share with you the story of Jemima Giraffe. It's a cute small clothdoll in the shape of a giraffe. The cloth is batik, so it's a very Indonesian giraffe! One of the secretaries in the office received the doll as well as the tosca green pillow shown below as a gift from one of our vendors. She doesn't have any children just yet, so she gave both presents to me, for Michael to play with.

The pillow is very useful! I put it in the car for Michael to lean on, and it's very soft.
In Indonesian language, giraffe is "jerapah" and that's how I introduced the doll to Michael, yet somehow he couldn't say "jerapah" and instead calls the doll something that sounds like Jemima. So Jemima it is!
Back to the trip that we were about to take to my hometown. Michael loves flying, and he never fusses on the plane. He loves watching the many planes parked on the ground, and this year he already commands his own seat, since he's over two years old. Time flies. It feels funny to see his little body occupied the plane seat, and watched his demeanor: so self-assured and content to sit quietly and watch everything around him. Besides, the flight is only an hour. If Michael could sit quietly for a 90 minutes mass, of course he is able to sit sweetly for an hour flight!

We feel secure that Michael will have loving grandparents to take care of him. My parents live in the hillside of my hometown, so Michael will have plenty of fresh air, exercise walking up and down the hill, and fresh vegetables and produce from the farmer's market to eat. And he loves vegetables! Michael hates eating fruit, he kicks and screams if we try to make him eat apples or bananas, but he loves loves loves green vegetables!

Michael had a lot of good time playing with nature! Good, we don't want him to grow up playing gadget all the time. Hubby and I have seen how the younger generation who breaths technology and gadgets growing up, and we don't think it's right to socialize mainly on social media or with gadgets during meal times. I mean, if you have friends and families sitting next to you, why should you focus your attention to people faraway through social media, people who might not care so much about you as much as those being there with you? Not to mention the sedentary lifestyle! We want our child to jump and run and play and roll in the mud, so to speak.

His grandpa was so happy that he made Michael his very own dining table made of used sewing machine table! The height is just perfect for Michael, since the dining table for grown ups is still to high for him to eat comfortably. With a table of his own, slightly lower than that of grown ups', he could easily eat on his own.

Michael was a bit upset that his parents "left" him for quite some time, so we decided to pick him up together - Hubby and I -, so he knows that though Mommy and Daddy might leave him for vacation from time to time, we love him very much. So both me and Hubby took a day leave from work to catch the earliest flight to my hometown, and went back to Jakarta on the latest flight. We were exhausted since we just got back from Europe, but seeing Michael's face lighted up when he saw us made everything worth the effort.

Hubby even took Michael to pick Mommy up at the office the next day!

To celebrate the first day of work after a long holiday, I treated the main members of my team to lunch. I gave them several options of restaurants to choose from, and yet again, they picked the most expensive one! I think everytime I let them choose, they always ended up choosing The Duck King, an upscale Chinese restaurant specialized in roast duck, which is very very delicious! When I asked them why, aren't they get bored of choosing Duck King again and again everytime I treat them out to lunch, they said, "Well, Mam, we cannot afford to eat there if we weren't going with you, and since you included Duck King in the list of restaurant options, we thought.... why not?" Alright, so Duck King it is. It is expensive, but it is within my range, I did offered the option to them, it's only a couple of times a year, and it seems to make the whole team happy, so I don't mind. Besides, I receive a 20% discount from my credit card as well as getting reward points from my Duck King membership card, so yeah, I said yes! ^__^

This week's projects:
  • Read and contemplate on the Bible's Psalm 27 and 28.
  • Read Part 3 of "Lizzie's War" by Tim Farrington.
  • Read Chapter 3 of "Downtown" by Anne Rivers Siddons.
  • Finish "The Wife Who Prays" by Stormie Omartian.
  • Purchase new contact lense for 2015.
  • Check BPR investment possibility.
  • Edit two sets of outfit pictures for fashion blog posts.
  • Scan mine and Hubby's university certificates, undergrad and postgrad.
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Hazel Moon said...

After reading your story about your vacation, I was wondering about Michael. I am so glad you added this post and although he missed his parents, he was in good hands with Grandma and Grandpa. You are wise to think of his feelings when you returned to pick him up. Thanks for sharing at Tell me a Story.

Kathy/Holy Vacation Queen said...

Visiting next door from #smallwonder. Your son is so precious, and he/and your parents are blessed to have one another, these days playing in the dirt at grand parents will mean so much later! What a wonderful trip you were able to enjoy, and returning a grand meal and lovely community, along with knowing your little boy was well cared for! What blessings!

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