Monday, August 24, 2015

Beautiful Clothes for Boys?

I'm a firm believer in modest and beautiful dressing, for both men and women. I also believe that the earlier a child learns of modesty and beauty, the better. As I have a son, of course, beauty for boys is different than that for girls. I wouldn't dream of dressing my son in my favorite pinks, ruffles, and laces; however, I try to introduce some order and beauty into my boy's young life. For example: I taught him the difference between clothes for home, for sleeping, for going out, for school, and for Church. I also taught him some frugal living style via the "hierarchy of clothes": older going out outfits can be worn longer as house clothes, then when they start to disintegrate, they can be cut into squares as house rags.
We have lot of children clothing stores that sell numerous clothing for boys and girls here in Indonesia. Yet of course, when we travelled to Europe, we wanted to buy something to take home to our little boy. In Munich, I shopped for some new shoes for Hubby, as well as several pieces of clothing for my son. I bought going out clothes, since I figure he doesn't need brand new house clothes just yet. In fact, with the new going out clothes I bought him to replace his older ones, he can wear the older going out clothes for nice house clothes!
I stayed away from T-shirt styles with profanity or harsh words emblazoned on them. I don't understand how a T-shirt for toddler can boast "My Daddy Can Kick Your Daddy's As*" or "Too Cool for School" on it, and I don't care for that kind of trying-to-look-cool but totally wrong fashion style. On the same note, if God ever grants us with a little girl, I would never dress her in clothings that scream "Sexy Gal" or "Heartbreaker" or something like that. It just won't do for my family, or for anyone, I think!
So I opted for innocent, cute yet masculine characters and prints in happy colors: red, tosca green, deep ocean blue, sunny orange, aquamarine. I picked dinosaur, shark, motorcycle, car, buses, and stripes for my son. I bought some in his current size, and and some more in slightly bigger size, so he can wear them sometime in near future instead of all of them now.
Look at the T-shirts. Aren't they adorable! I'm so happy I can find such nice outfits for my son, because usually there are many style at the stores for little girls, but there are not many choices for little boys!
Michael is almost three years old now, so I thought it's about time he wears underpants like grown ups when he doesn't wear diaper. Mostly he's not on diapers anymore except when we go out for a long time at a place where I'm not comfortable with the toilet hygiene. He still wears diaper for sleep, though. Michael has been potty trained since he was five months old and can sit on his own. Hopefully next year when he turns three, he will successfully get potty trained during night time also!
Here are the underpants that I got him, with colorful car prints on them. So cute. I feel bittersweet when he paraded around in his jeans and his underpants inside, announcing loudly that now he was wearing underpants just like Daddy! My boy has grown up.

Here are some pictures of my boy wearing one of the new T-shirts that we got him, the tosca green one with motorcycle print it on. He wore it two weekends ago when we took him riding the choo-choo train at a nearby shopping center then playing swing at the park late afternoon.

And this is me and Hubby sitting on the park bench like young lovers while watching our son playing with the oldfashioned swing! I always enjoy this kind of easy-breezy late afternoons of taking short walk to the park, breathing the fresh air, enjoying the clear weather, blue sky, warm late afternoon sun, and having a quality time with my loved ones.

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Beth Willis Miller said...

As a grandmother of two boys, 3 and 10 months, you had me at the glad I stopped by...great post with great ideas for boys clothes...many blessings to you!

Jill of all Trades said...

Stumbled on your post through the Strangers & Pilgrims link up. I agree about modest clothing for children! I feel bad for moms of girls. I say that because I look around at all the 2 year olds in my son's daycare room. The boys all are dressed like yours is in the pictures here - short pants that go at least to their knees, shirts with sleeves, and reasonable necklines. All of the girls are dressed in short pants so short they almost look like underpants or dresses so short their diapers/undies show as they move about.

How on earth are parents of girls supposed to dress them modestly when clothing manufacturers create this disparity? Why is it so easy to find modest clothes for boys....but not for girls? It makes me angry and I don't even have daughters! (I'm in the U.S....maybe it's different where you are?)

Colleen said...

What a beautiful family!:) You have an adorable son. I have two small sons, 6 and 3 years old, and like you I love dressing them in cheerful fun colors opting more for cute then tough! Keep up the good work!:)

Hazel Moon said...

Your choices for Michael are wise and beautiful too. That was good to purchase some for now and some for a little later as he grows more. I too do not like it when manufacturers put foul language on children's (or anyone's) clothing. Loved the photos too. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

LV said...

Bless you for trying to teach your son the right way to do things while young. I feel what they are taught at home is so important.

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