Thursday, August 27, 2015

Week in Recap: SeaWorld

Hi, Friends!
We've been having happy, busy, productive week and I'd like to share it with you.
First of all, I totally forgot to write anything about a reunion I attended a month ago! It was a reunion dinners for ex-employees of my previous office, which was held in the other side of the town where I live, about 90-minute to two-hour driving, minus traffic jam.
Hubby knew that most of my friends, both high school, college and ex-office friends live in another side of the town. Reunion events are usually held there where the majority of people live, so naturally most of the time I always skipped attending. So imagine his surprise when I told him that I was going to attend this particular one!
Despite the long drive, the traffic jam, and the fact that the reunion dinner was held at a Japanese restaurant - and I totally dislike Japanese food - I ended up having a great time. There were about fifty people or more coming to the dinner, so quality conversation with every single one of them is impossible. Yet, the atmosphere was alive and vibrant, and everybody looked happy to see each other again. I'm not a very social person, nor do I like being in the spotlight. I don't even have many friends. Yet it was really good to see all my old coworkers again. They haven't changed a bit, yet they also changed a lot. Many of them have become successful in their career, or switched to be having their own businesses. 
Weekend was slow and relaxing as usual. Church, trying out restaurant around the neighborhood, chilling out at home.
The economic situation has turned worse and worse, with stock index plummeting to all time low point and going lower still. I had not checked the stock index for quite a while, so I was shocked to see how low it had become since the beginning of the year. I manage our family investment porfolio, but I don't read news except financial news, because reading the news affect my mental state badly. However, I had not been following financial world for several weeks. Though the prediction is gloomy, I have a tendency to be positive and think long term, so I put a status on my facebook, a caption next to a picture shot of the stock index: "Stocks are on sale! Shopping time, Friends!" ^__^
If the news influences your mood and makes you view the world in a negative way, I'd suggest you go on a news diet. I have stopped reading the news for several years now, and if there's anything important going on in the world, I still know through social media. It has worked wonders to my happiness and sanity level. The news is almost always negative, and it affects our mental health and happiness. Especially political news and celebrity news that highlights things like celebrity divorces, the latest skimpy fashion trend, etc.
Michael goes to school three times a week now, and sometimes Mommy would surprise him by showing up at school to pick him up. It's during my lunch hour, so I usually will eat very quickly, then make a quick trip to the school, which is conveniently located within walking distance from my home. I usually will wait for him outside the door, and seeing his face lighted up when seeing it was Mommy who popped up from the office to pick him up, brings me such joy.
August is the month of Indonesian Independence, and on the day I posted this on my personal Facebook: "Bring yourself travel around the world, but always focus your soul to God and your country Indonesia." As a woman who loves traveling, and had an experience living overseas for several years, I can totally relate to that saying!
On Independence Day holiday, we took Michael go to SeaWorld. I thought, the popular place would be less jam-packed comparet to other holidays, since on Independence Day, all school children and government officials are required to attend flag ceremony in the morning. We arrived early right when SeaWorld is opened at 9 am. It was a good decision, because when we left around 11 am, the place was full of people!
Michael only knows small fish in grandma's fish pond and fish that he sometimes eats as fillet. That day he learned that there are fish even bigger than him!

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