Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blue, Green, Whatever

Who am I? Kidding. Just cropped the pic a bit to better showcase my today's outfit. How do you like my new teal shoes? They're from Yongki Komaladi collection, and were on sale so they came pretty cheap. I say they're teal blue, but some friends call them seafoam green. Am I colorblind or it's them? Who cares. Call them blue, green, whatever, they're just so cute! I pair the outfit with blue and green choker necklace and get whatever bracelets I could find in my accesories box with blue and green color.
I'm going for a seafood dinner with some friends at Saung Grenvil, so blue and green are appropriate since they represent the color of the sea, rite. Oh, me so love-y when me speak poetic-y, ha-ha!
Sorry, did I say choker necklace? I mean, choker-like necklace. They're made of two strands of beaded necklace, tied together with a ribbon at the back. Learn how to create your own on my next post.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really love those shoes!

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