Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sing Dollies

It's a short vacation getaway, I'm happy and relaxed, it's a sunny day in Singapore, and I'd like to dress accordingly.

I believe in dressing modestly, so I alway, always, always wear something under a low-cut top. It could be a flower-patterned scarf, a lacy camisole, or in this case a blue tanktop.
Wearing a tight tanktop in the right color not only add to your overall look, but also protects you from the oops-moment when you're bending down like in this picture of me. So it's very convenient. You can bend and stretch and run and jump and be comfortable without having to worry that anything's not supposed to be shown, be shown.
I also wear a bloomer - well, a white bycicle pants actually - under this white peasant skirt, so I can move around without having to constantly pull it down each time the wind blows a little crazy.


Renee B. said...

Yay for linking up!! You look so pretty and summery in this outfit...I love it! I have a similar skirt so Ill have to try this look out soon. Happy Thursday! xoxo

anne said...

I love the outfit, visiting from wednesday white mine is here thanks My Daily Mumbles

Mel Cole said...

oh i love your skirt :) i love skirts ;) cute outfit sis. visiting from Wednesday whites.

Emzkie said...

beautiful white skirt!

late visit from WW. heres my share..
Traditional Terno
Self Portrait

raya said...

lovely outfit.. perfect for summer! thanks for joining.Here for a late WW visit!

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