Saturday, May 21, 2011

Candy Stripes

I usually don't go for striped polo shirt. OK, I never wore polo shirt ever before. In fact, I don't go for anything with collar outside of the office because it reminds me too much of work. But I saw this cheerful, fun, candy colored, striped, knitted polo shirt, and I'm sold.

Can you believe that I found this little treasure in the middle of literally dozens of ugly sweaters jumbled together in a sale rack? Who ever thought that one will find a cute top buried under piles of granny-looking sweaters?
As usual, whenever I wear something low-waisted, I layer with a long tank top underneath so the ensemble won't show my midriff nor any crack accident from behind. Especially because this tiny polo is actually too-short for these pants, which is not my thing. I usually prefer a longer top that will cover my navel, but sometimes a girl just needs to break out from the comfort zone.
It's just perfect for a yakiniku & shabu-shabu night at Paregu, a Korean BBQ restaurant at Menteng, near my church, Saint Theresia Catholic Church.
This is the only cooking that I know I can do just right!
(I've always loved to cook and learn how to cook, but even until now I'm still pretty much helpless around the kitchen. Cry...)
So I guess the saying "never say never" is true. In this case, now I can not say that I never go for polo shirt!


Divina Joy said...

Wow,this post is awesome. That candy stripes polo fits you well. And I agree with "never say never"


annie said...

I use to wear 'candycane' polo's all the time in HS. I love that you did this.

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