Monday, May 2, 2011

Morning, Sunshine!

It's a lovely Sunday morning and I thought I'm getting a bit of "cultured" activity of visiting Fatahillah Museum instead of hitting the mall. Getting prepared for a hot sunny day and long walk, I opt for this comfortable ensemble.
Multicolor tanktops are my basic staples, so mix-matching something to wear under this light cotton shirt is easy. The shirt is too short and too flimsy by itself, but by wearing a yellow tank underneath, tucked in, I can get away with it.
The Modest-IFY Formula

Immodest hipster jeans + Immodest tank top tucked in + immodest transparent top over = Modest Outfit.
To tell you the truth, I almost forgot that I even have this shirt.

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 Old Batavia is such a quaintly pretty place to take pictures, I can't refuse to take a few snaps of my favorite photo object: me! *Kwa-kwaaaa....*

Tired of spending your leisure time just like everybody else? Skip the malls and hit the museums for a change!
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Natasha Atkerson said...

Thanks for your comment! I did see your outfit, and you did a great job! Unfortunatley, I didn't have time to comment when I looked at it. Great job 'modest-fying' your outfit!
Keep it up!

About the clothes I got rid of, I do, do that with some of my clothing. However, these particular items had become a temptation to wear them by themselves. So they needed to go! But thank you so much for your helpful suggestion!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

heidiluxe said...

i love when i find clothes that i forgot about. like shopping again!
i love the layered tops, still looks lightweight and fresh and pull together!

Divina Joy said...

I like the first picture. You resemble the statue at your back. Love your shirt.

Divina Joy said...

I love your red bag which you shopped at greenbelt. Amazing how you combine "immodest" clothes into a modest outfit. good job!

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