Monday, May 16, 2011

Triple Threads

Have you ever heard you grandmother say: "Waste not, want not"?
Well, for me the "waste not" is easy, but the "want not"? Hmmmm...
So what's a girl who wants (wants and wants and wants...) but also wants to keep her budget?
Recycling, that is.

I love accessories. I have lots since I've been collecting them little by little since I was in college and keep most of them in good condition. Having a trunk of trinkets to fire my creativity with is the surest way to not follow trend blindly. I basically can recreate a trend or at least create a similar effect from what I've already had in my closet.

So when the department stores sell multi-layered fake pearl necklace for exorbitant prices, I just steal the idea and incorporate into my own wardrobe. Afterall, why do I need to buy ONE new multi-layered necklace when I can create mine with THREE strands from my own jewellery box? Or I can wear all of them separately, or just layer two strands instead of three. The possibility is endless in the game of fashion.

Don't forget the bracelets! This department store also sells bracelet sets very similar to what I'm wearing. Well, I prefer to mix-and-match my own, thank you! And my wallet is happier, too!

I've had this LBD for years for cocktail parties back when I was in the US. It's sleeveless, it's simple, it's elegant. Anyway, here in Indonesia cocktail party is not a very common practice. I hate to think that my LBD will just hang there in the closet, so I decided to cover it up and dress it up for work. I even wear the gold heels with it, the ones I usually keep for evening events. The jacket tones down everything, and the accessories tone up everything, if you know what I mean.

Now that I know I don't need to spend my hard-earned money on all those new trends, I can splurge at the Kinokuniya bookstore and buy something (or several things) that will last longer than the passing accessories trend!


Little Lovables said...

looks lovely! I also like to layer my jewelry :)

Anonymous said...

smart LeeAnn! (or I can call you Claudia? ^,^)
You give me a lot of idea to save my wallet...:)

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