Monday, June 20, 2011

Checked Crossed Striped, N Mango Summer Sale

Before I ramble about what I'm wearing today, I've got a bit of news if you live in Jakarta: Mango is having their much-coveted summer sale! Many gorgeous pieces for 50% off, so grab your purse and run to the nearest store, Ladies! This pic was taken at Mango Plaza Indonesia.
People go to work for many reasons: pay the bills, self-actualization, sharing your gift with others, etc. For me, eventhough it's not all about the dough, a very big reason of why I drag myself from my comfy bed every morning and get off to the office is so that I can spend that hard-earned rupiah, dollar, whatever on something just the opposite of work, namely: play.

So I thought, why not trying to incorporate a little bit of the play part to the office? After all, I spend 8 hours a day over there, which like, one-third of my 24-hour day, which is a lot.

This is the knitted polo shirt which I wore on a previous post, which by itself is not at all an appropriate outfit for a formal office like mine. However, paired with the right combination, it turns out to be amazing.
Yes, you can mix striped top with checked skirt. The shocking pink belt sort of pulls everything together. And it's not even a store-bought belt. It's just a piece of leftover piece of fabric, sewed like a wide obi with buttons as clasps.
And yes, you can definitely wear gold high heels to the office! And pair some stockings with open-toe sandals, too!
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Mimi said...

I agree, we work to play! Not bad though:) Love this layered look and love the mix and match pattern!

Aesthetic Lounge

Kristy said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :)
And yes, I'm a 100% Indo.
Inti told me about you and your blog.
It's so nice to meet fellow Indo blogger :)

Keep up the good work, woop woop!

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