Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunny Orange

No, no, no... This is not what I'm wearing today. I wish it were, because it will mean I'm taking a day off, but I'm not! The pictures in today's post were taken last Saturday when I hung out at the poolside of Novotel then had a hefty breakfast. I wasn't traveling or anything, just decided to eat some real breakfast for once instead of my usual instant noodle!
I just bought the orange dress the day before, at an outlet store. It has a deep V-neck, so I layered with a black tank top. The white top is an old crocheted thing I got a long time ago. I also have them in pink, black and blue, because trust me, they really come in handy for layering.
One thing I hate about buying a dress then wearing it straight on? Finding your twin wearing the exact same thing, a random stranger! That happened to me. Ouch!

The Novotel breakfast room was really packed.

My favorite breakfast menu: bacon, omelette, orange juice, toast, fried rice, sausages, hashbrown, and chocolate muffin. I wish everyday's breakfast could be like this!
Ow, if you think the bag looks familiar, you're right! This is the bag for DIY project from this post. I decided to add some cherries on the last minute. Check out the final result. Well, I might even decide to add even more drawings on it. It's an old bag, anyway.
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Modest Fashion Sense said...

Great bag! Thanks for sharing on Thrifty Thursday :)

The Preppy Student said...

I love the bag. That looks like an awesome breakfast! super jealous but sounds like your weekend was great. hope you have a great Tuesday :)

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