Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pretty Blue Eye(let)

What would you wear to hangout with a shopping-dynamo girlfriend? Something cute and comfortable, that is. I'm having lunch at Marche Plaza Senayan with my beautiful friend, DeeDee, then do a little window shopping. Since I know that she beats the Energizer Bunny when it comes to shopping, I know that I need some wears that can last me aaaaaall day.

Nothings screams modest comfort more than a pair of cropped jeans. Ok, made-over jeans skirt also does the trick, but today I'm wearing pants. Jeans pants. And nude Roman-style flat sandals. Heels are much more fashionable, but they won't do for a shopping marathon. Not for me, anyway.

White top and blue jeans basic can be made versatile with some accessories. Pink is my signature color, and it's just so cute, feminine and girlie. However, this morning when I picked out these outfits, the word that came to mind was: fresh. So I decided to sprinkle the basics with some bright turquoise blue.
Check out the earrings! Ow, did I tell you that I loooove eyelet? It's feminine, pretty, old-fashion, and sweet. I layer with a baby blue tank top underneath.

A big bag is essential for a girl on a busy and fun day out. This bag contains all my essentials, wallet, beauty kits, vitamins, keys, and a water bottle. Mineral bottled-water costs an arm and leg at the malls and fancy restaurants. I drink a lot, so carrying my own drinking water supply saves me a pretty penny!

What do you carry in your handbag?


Jona said...

Those sandals look really best for a shopping marathon. I love eyelets too :)

my KID and White entry



emzkie said...

great choice of choosing your getup. that looks very comfortable for an all day shopping event. love that carry all purse.

from WW, heres my share

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