Saturday, June 11, 2011

Butterfly On Flowers

Have you ever wake up one day and feel like "I just want to feel comfortable today." ?
I have. This morning. So that's why I'm wearing the basic black pants and this green top.
Luckily the top has some pretty embroidery detail going on the bust seam, so it still looks cute. I hope. And I don't want to go with just basic black blazer, so I'm wearing this brown jacket with lots of stitches detailing.
Then suddenly I thought: "Well, here are the flowers, where are the butterfly?" Usually I don't wear fancy necklace with this top since I consider it has enough going on with the embroidery. But with the so-so ensemble, I become a bit bold and throw this necklace.
Butterfly on flowers!

Notice the dark brown stitches on this DKNY tan/brown jacket: collar, pockets, along the seams.

I'm wearing layers of bracelets in different colors and textures. They're mother of pearl, glass, and beads. And look at the lining of the jacket peeking through!

I love the metallic shine of these sandals!

Overall, my today's outfit is deceptively simple but actually enriched with many details which, to me, are pure private pleasure!

1 comment:

Imogen said...

Lovely top and the necklace is so gorgeous.

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