Sunday, July 31, 2011

Batik, Miss Brown N Belly Dancing

This is the first time I wear a brown outfit. This is also my first ready-to-wear batik. I don't particularly like to wear brown because the color makes me look washed-out, and I usually get my batik skirts or dresses tailor made since my Mom has an amazing piles of lovely handpainted batik fabrics. Ow, this is also the first time I wear a printed batik instead of a handpainted one. But, there is a first time for everything, rite.

I got the dress at Lennor Boutique at Plaza Indonesia with my friend Inti from this previous post. My Mom complained when I showed it to her, because she is not fond of printed batik, claiming it's "batik-batikan" alias not a "real" batik. However, after scrutinizing the stitches, the details, etc. she said that it has a fine workmanship. Hurray!!

This dress is a size Large. I should have gone with Medium, but if I did, the dress would be too short on me. I don't mind wearing short skirts or dresses once in a while, but not TOO short! The rule is: if I cannot move or sit comfortably in it without fear that I might accidentally show anything that is not supposed to be shown, then it's too short.

I'm wearing the dress for Church this Saturday evening, and received various comments, from "Wow, that batik dress is gorgeous!" to "You look like you're wearing a potato sack!" to "Is that a nightgown, you know, to sleep in?". Ouch! Well, cannot please everyone.

Brown printed batik dress: Lennor, Plaza Indonesia. Copper color bag: Guess. Purple wedges: Plaza Semanggi. Bracelet: Naughty MKG. Earrings: art market at Sydney.

Check out the lovely butterfly and intricate details.
I went to a charming Turkish restaurant called Anatolia afterwards. It's located at Kemang, Jakarta's westerner expats area. The meftune lamb shank is heavenly delicious. I used to have Turks and Moroccan friends back in the US, and had been blessed to experience their amazing food and hospitality. Not to mention that they are so gorgeous looking!
The menu is filled with completely foreign dish titles, but the descriptions typed under each are pretty helpful. I am a frequent visitor of this restaurant, but after tasting several dishes, I almost always order the meftune, because it has been my favorite so far.The enchanting interior with rich colors and textures of blues and reds.
Turkish coffee, served on an exotic cup and saucer.
The delicious marinated lamb shank with meat gravy and lots and lots of garlic and red onion bulbs.
Me and my favorite Anatolia dish: meftune lamb shank.
Can I finish it all by myself? Yes, I can!
The ladies powder room has the most amazing blue walls, I couldn't resist to snap some pictures! And guess who I met in the powder room? The belly dancer lady who was going to perform that night! Yep, Anatolia has Turkish belly dance performance every Friday and Saturday at 20.30.

For more info, contact:

Anatolia, Authentic Turkish Restaurant
Kemang Raya 110A
+62 21 719 4658 or +62 21 9277 2277

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B.Inspired said...

I think you look great in Brown and what a great dress to wear to a Turkish restaurant. I've never tried Turkish cuisine but I've heard great things so I am going to look for one in Chicago!

Sarah Grecco said...

I'm in the coffee industry. I love Turkish coffee. Makes me happy!

Get Up & Go

Karina Pricilla said...

hey thanks for the sweet comment! hehe
anyway love the dress <3 and the lamb hungry!

faboosh baboosh.

Sophie A. said...

Love the dress!!! Being a tall girl, it would look very short on me but I can always wear legging I suppose :) Hope you're doing great. I just listed you on my blog under "Creative Inspiration". Basically, I'm now a regular reader!! :)

Gabriella Olivia said...

i love your batik dress! it's unique and unlike any other batik! super! <3


the two miss fits said...

great job with the batik! I always like it when 'native' fabrics/styles are worn in a stylish way ;)

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Thank you, All! This outfit is beyond my comfort zone, so I'm really glad for your kind comments!

Sophie: I myself always wear some sorts of bicycle pants ala bloomer like under any dresses or skirts, long or shorts, to avoid oops moments, especially when the strong wind blows.

princessmicah said...

nice bag.

Mongs said...

I love your batik dress, it has really lovely details, far from potato sack! The print is beautiful, it's a great buy. The food looks yummy, what a romantic restaurant.


Renee B. said...

The print on your dress is so pretty! And even though it's a large it doesn't look huge on you, totally a plus! I have to do that all the time....for some reason the small/mediums are always too short. Way too short. You are so cute!!! <3

Catherine Au Jong said...

cute dress :) you combined it with the right style! :)


Jessi said...

What a darling dress!! Love it :)

Ellen said...

I love the dress. The style is so pretty!

Kayla said...

Doesn't look like a potato sack to me! I love it.

Freckles in April

Sydney Fashion Hunter said...

Hi there. I found your blog through Rachel The Hat. Love the bag and the food looks yummy! I also host a link up every week ( and would love you to stop by and add a link if you get a chance.

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