Friday, July 8, 2011

Girlfriends N All That Glitters

"Girlfriends are the spices and sweets of a woman's life.
Never take them for granted. Never abandon them for any man."

LeeAnne, Style N Season

Yep, I do believe that. Most of my girlfriends don't believe me when I said that whenever I have a boyfriend in my life, it doesn't mean I can no longer hangout with them from time to time, even on a Saturday night. But I do really mean it! Having a boyfriend, a fiance, a husband and children doesn't mean that a girl must abandon other people in her life! And yes, no matter how difficult it is or busy you are, you can arrange your time for your spouse, work, family and girlfriends, if you really think it's important enough to be in your priority list. You can have the cake and eat it, too! In moderation, of course.

Anyway, today I'm having lunch with two of my friends, Inne and Inti, before heading to Church for evening mass. We used to hangout a lot when all of us were in Jakarta. Then Inti moved back to Toronto for a while, and Inne moved back to Surabaya (well, at least she didn't move back to London, that's sooo far away!), so I'm pretty excited to see them again today.

Today I'm building the whole outfit based on the purple espadrilles (from a small boutique at Plaza Semanggi) and purple sequin bag (Hana, 50% off at Sogo Emporium Pluit). Jeans skirt: made=over from old jeans. Chiffon top: unbranded (from a small shop in Guangzhou, China). Bead necklaces: Lotus Department Store. Angel wings necklace: Naughty, Emporium Pluit. Bracelets & earrings: my old collection.

This is the first time I wear anything sequin. I thought sequin looks too flashy and cheap. (I like cheap finds, but I don't like them to look like they're cheap though they really are!) But I make exception for this bag since the deep purple color makes the sequin just in the right amount of 'sparks'. A bit flashy but not over the top. Also, I usually avoid wearing wedges because in the past they were bulky and heavy. This pair is made of very light material, so I don't mind wearing them for hours. So comfortable!
See the lavender and green ribbons? They didn't come with the wedges. I just grabbed some ribbons from scented sachet packages and tied them up on a whimsical mood. If I get bored with the look I'll just untie them.

This is a funny cartoon snap taken at EX. Read the wording, so true, ain't it!
Left to right: Inti, me, Inne. When I asked permission to publish this picture, Inne just shrugged and said: "As long as I look good in it!" You do, girl. You do. :)

The odd thing is, the last time we had lunch together was December 2010. And we had lunch at the exact same place (Pancious, EX), sat at the exact same spot at the restaurant, and posed in the exact same position! Luckily we didn't wear the exact same clothes! Pancious should have given us free lunch for being such loyal customers!

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Kristy said...

WORD! Girlfriends are priceless and they should never be replaced by anything or anyone. Hi Inti! :)

Love the ribbon details on the espadrilles!:)

Sarah Grecco said...

Glad you got to get together with your girlfriends! That always makes my day better. I do agree though that it is tough to balance the husband, job and girlfriends!

Get Up & Go

LeeAnne said...

Kristy: Thanks! Adding the ribbons seems silly at first, but as weird as it is, I like it. And speaking of Inti, she didn't believe what I said either until I really prove that I meant it, that I don't go MIA when there's a man in my life, hahaha...
Sarah: Thanks for visiting and giving your comment. Agree, it's difficult, but manageable. Of course you cannot get together with your girls as often as before - family comes first! - but you can still see them from time to time, send messages, call, you know, showing that you still care, rite? ^__^

A Fine Balance said...

Revisiting the same haunts for lunch is so nostalgic!

thank you for you comments on my blog dear!

DaenelT said...

OK, there's so much I want to say ~

1. Thank you for linking up with my meme, I really appreciate it

2. Love that yous till keep your girls in your life regardless of whether you have a boyfriend or what have you

3. How fun that you ladies got to hang out together, looks like y'all had a good time

4. Love the ribbons that you added to the espadrilles (so creative!)

5. Have a great week!

DaenelT @ Living Outside the Stacks

Cathy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dany said...

thanks for being part of the challenge! you rock!

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