Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Love Letter: Finally, Follow With Bloglovin!

Aaaaah... finally! Finally I push myself to sign up to Bloglovin and put the button on my blog. Should have done it right from the start, but I was so lazy, I postponed and postponed and postponed.

As mentioned here, I'm basically technology challenged. I don't really care how things work on the internet, and I have no time (a.k.a too lazy) to learn how to blog properly. I've seen "Follow me with Bloglovin" buttons in so many other blogs, but I didn't know what it was and too lazy (again) to find out what it is. Until today.

Now I can follow all my favorite blogs in one page using my Bloglovin account. New posts from favorite bloggers will be shown on that page, marked as 'read' when I already opened it. No more checking gazzilion blogs one by one to see if Blog A or B or C has some new updates or not, because the page will only show a particular blog when it has unread new post. How convenient is that!

To cut the story short, now you, my dear Readers, can follow Style N Season in a much easier (and oh-so-stylish) way via Bloglovin!

So glad I did it... ^_^

"No accomplishment is too small to make an ordinary day extraordinary."

LeeAnne, Style N Season

1 comment:

Stavrolino said...

...I signed up on bloglovin today and I try to find how to have a button in my blog...I'm so confused...but I thing that I will make it!
Very nice post!:D...
I follow you!
…All in Style…!

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