Friday, July 1, 2011

How To Go About 'Em

Missions for today:
Batik is all the rage in my country, eversince UNESCO officially recognized it as belong to Indonesian culture. In the past, batik is considered old and formal. Something your auntie would wear to a formal government official wedding. Pasca UNESCO's recognition, Indonesians young and old embrace batik into our daily wardrobe, as blouse, skirt, scarf, handbag, hat, tie, etc. There are many kinds of batik, but since I have Chinese heritage, I wear mostly Pekalongan, Lasem or Pesisiran batik (see the pics here), which is a blend of local Javanese and Chinese motives. Plus, they come in a variety of bright and cheerful colors like you can see in this post.
  • Finding ways to incorporate this black-eyed necklace I received as a gift. (See the close-up picture below)
I'm not into black accessories, more gravitating towards pastels (like pink, baby-blue and lavender), and bright cheerful colors (like aqua blue, shocking pink or seafoam green). When I accesorize, I like pieces that either cute n sweet, or bold n 'make a statement'. Including in color. Black doesn't do the cut because I consider it as a staple, primary color. However, sometimes I do want to add something edgy, and this bracelet is just perfect.

I'm wearing a hand-painted Banjarnegara cream and blue batik as a skirt here, with tiny lace trim detail on the border.
And this is the necklace I'm talking about. My boss' secretary gave it to me as a birthday present, which is very sweet of her. Thank you, Oina! I love!
And as usual I'm wearing my trusty grey stockings with open-toe sandals! Yes, I always do that, deliberately. I might give some fashion experts some heart attack, but in the world of Style N Season, some rules are meant to be obeyed, and some others, to be broken. :)
Overall, today's mission's accomplished! Don't you think?
What do you think of wearing something heritage and traditional for work?


Francesca R said...

I love the skirt and the whole outfit!!!
I am following you!

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Thanks Francesca!
And ok, I won't call you a fashion blogger! :)

LeeAnne, Style N Season

Cindy Karmoko said...

thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog, love the batik dear!

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