Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All Girls Mix N Match

No outfit post today, dear Readers! At least, not MY outfit. Of course, my Mom will never get bored to see my picture day after day after day. Well, at least I think so... But before you get bored to see my face, I'll post some other Living Catwalk Ladies here for all the world to see!

These are four amazing ladies who work in the same office like I do, and lucky for me, on this particular day I can capture all of them with my camera!

First, meet Dina. And yes, if she looks familiar, perhaps because you have seen her before in this post. Love her grey sheath-like dress!

Check out the details here. Actually it's not just grey, it has some checked patterns going on the fabric. Ow, and that's not a necklace, that's a blackberry holder. And don't you just love those nude color sandals? Well, I do!

Now meet lovely Helen with her bright, cheerful, colorful ensemble. Have you ever felt that your office and work life so drab sometime? Wear something bold, like this shocking pink that Helen wears. It might lift up your spirit, as well as for others who see you.

And here comes Anissa, who, with Dina, also appeared in this previous post, and she loves it so much she gets more dressep up to work now so I can snap her pic and post it here, she was like: "When am I going to be featured again?" ^__^

I don't know what kind of agreement she has with Dina, it seems that both girls often wear similar outfits to the office. Well, I did say that they are twins. From different parents. :)

She even bought a new pair of silver slingbacks to wear with this dress. Ck ck ck Anissa...

Aaaand, last but not least, meet sweet Nana, who lets me take her picture, but refuse to have her face shown. >_< Too bad, since Nana is a very cute gal, in a Korean doll-like way. Hey, can anyone tell that she is four months pregnant? Can't tell from the dress she's wearing, and she's so petite everybody's attention is on the huge colorful butterfly at the front!

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Catherine Au Jong said...

hey nice casual outfit! Thanks for the comments on my posts leeanne! :))
Your name is so unique :)

You should learn more about sewing, it is not that hard. And me, I need to be a little not to lazy to do it lol

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