Monday, September 12, 2011

Angel Heart

Let's take some time to pray for the victims of 911 attack and their families and friends. And let's pray that such horror will never happen again in the future. Let's pray for the world, for peace and for humanity.

Actually, I don't feel like dressing up today. I didn't feel like dressing up last night either, so picking my outfit, which usually is a fun activity, felt like... well, a chore. However, I remember what supermodel Ines de la Fressange said: "It is so much more comfortable to look wonderful than to look awful." That whipped me up and this is what I end up with.

At first I was going to skip the usual grey stockings altogether so I can wear my new purple espadrilles, but then I realized that with the freezing cold AC, and the fact that I can't stand cold, it would be a terrrrrible idea.

How do you like my necklace? It's way too long, down to my navel, so I had to tie it at the back to reach the length you see here on the pics. The black lace camisole peeking from the purple tank top is the perfect background for the heart and wings shaped pendant.

Also, you know what? The original necklace doesn't look like this. I will tell you about it in future post.

This has nothing to do with outfit nor fashion, but me and several colleagues went out to lunch at Duck King at Kelapa Gading Mall, and these were what we had for lunch. No wonder that we ended up feeling drowsy and stupid after lunch hour!

Jacket: tailored. Skirt: a gift from Japan, don't know the brand. Purple tank top: unbranded. Lacy black camisole: unbranded. Necklace: Warna MKG. Kitten heels: Symbolize. Earrings and bracelets: from my old collection.


Mimi said...

YEsss! I love that quote and its so true! It sucks when I feel like I dont look good so its worth it to spend the energy getting ready, even if I'm tired! As always, lovely blazer layered over this outfit! Big thanks for entering Many Layers Monday. I'm hoping it will kick off even more when the weather finally cools!
Aesthetic Lounge

Sophie A. said...

Love your trip pics!
I like your lipstick btw!!

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Mimi: Uh-huh. If you look awful, most likely you'll feel awful, rite. Yep, with colder season coming, layering will be an everyday look. :)

Sophie: Thanks, Sophie! It's my "work" lipstick. Not particularly because of the color, but because it's mosturizing, very important in freezing cold office. Haha!

LeeAnne, Style N Season

Sophie A. said...

Hey LeeAnne!
Thanks for your comment on my blog. Thanks for relating lol. Yeah I like your blog since it has a theme though you blog about trips and other stuff which is fun. Didn't know you've been writing for years! Yeah, writing does that, it's not really a hobby for me but I like to get my thoughts down. Oh I agree with you. Writing and work don't mix for me...too much editing lol. But thank you so much!! I'll keep on writing. Also your blog is listed under creative inspiration on my blog and I just thought that I'm not following you lol so I'm going to physically do that. I always read it...only if you mind ;) You can follow mine if you pressure! hope you are well!!

Sophie A. said...

oh also, I love moisturizing lipsticks...freezing? oh my! I can't stand the cold. they need to turn down the cold air or put on the heat...but it may not be cost effective. well dress warm :)

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