Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thus They Call It The Promised Land (Part 2): Perfume N Pyramids

The second part of the holiday!
I hope you won't get bored seeing these white and pink Nike sneakers. Holyland pilgrimage vacation involves a looooot of walking, so heels are out of question here! Also, it was the peak of summer. The heat was almost unbearable, even for someone from the tropics like me. (Of course, I spend basically all day in an air-conditioned office!) The temperature reached 43C, so no wonder I got a bleeding nose for the first couple of days!

Babydoll dress: Tory Burch. Blue tank top: Zutopia (USA). Jeans: old (therefore the baggy shape, they got baggier after each wash!). Sneakers: Nike (gift). Red purse: from Makati, Philippines. Turquoise necklace: DIY project. Turquoise earrings: from Sydney.

And here are some narcissistic snaps at the Giza Pyramids! Couldn't help myself! Haha! I had a de ja vu, though. I've heard and read so much about pyramids, and once I'm there, it felt somehow familiar to Indonesia's Borobudur! Not the shape of anything, but the feeling of being there in thousands-year-old civilization. It was mesmerizing!

I wonder how in the world they could lift up all those enormous rocks. With tears, sweat and blood I guess, since in the history books they mentioned the pyramids were built by slaves for the Pharaoh. Whenever I visited grand, ancient man-made monuments like this - including The Great Wall of China - I marvel at the size and all, but also feel sad in my heart for all those lives lost during the process of building those giant structures.

This hat from Korea is very useful in the heat of the sun! Glad I brought it with me instead of just a cap or less wide-brimmed hats!
Say hello to Mr. Sphinx!

We visited a perfume store. I read somewhere that perfume was originated in ancient Egypt. They have exotic names or the scents, such as Passion of the Desert. Sexy! Well, unfortunately, perfume makes me dizzy so I'm one of those few who never wear it!
The store has the most amazing collection of Venetian glass perfume bottles. I don't want the perfume, but I want those beautiful perfume bottles!!


Kristy said...

Ahhhh so jealous of your trip! I can't imagine the heat, though. 43C??? Yikes!:( You're a trooper for wearing jeans and sneakers in such a high temperature. I'd probably go in my birthday suit, buahahahaha :D

Lovely photos, thanks for sharing :)

Catherine Au Jong said...

awesome trip! I really want to go there one day!!!!


Bravoe Runway said...

What an amazing holiday, I've always wanted to go to Egypt! Enjoy!

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