Friday, September 30, 2011

Triple-Pattern Clashes N Eurotrip Wannabe

How do you like this outfit? This picture was taken at my office ladies powder room before leaving to Plaza Indonesia.
I'm meeting a friend, Inti, to exchange gifts. Mine are from Holyland trip, hers are from her Eurotrip. She went with another friend, Inne, and actually they invited me along. "We can share a room and save a lot of Euros!" they exclaimed. Errr... that's nice, and I really wish I could, really, RRREALLY! But I already planned for a 12-day Egypt-Israel-Jordan trip, and if I added another 18-day leave on top of that, who can guarantee that my job would still be there waiting for me when I return? So verrrry heavily, I skipped. *sigh*
This is how the outfit look with blazer on, for that professional look.
Black jacket: Brooks Brothers Woman (USA). Candy-color striped polo shirt: Marie Claire Sport. Skirt: from Manila. Bag: Bellezza. Sandals: Aily (Malaysia). Necklace: Naughty Plaza Semanggi. Red-green bangle: from Jerusalem. Pistachio green bracelet: gift from Hongkong. Mother-of-pearl earrings: from Bali.
Yep, I'm trying something new today: combining three patterns in one look! The poloshirt, the skirt, the bag.

After office hours, I just remove the blazer for a more casual look.
Me and Inti at BakerzIn, with our gifts spread on the table! Love that bold green and pink Lennor batik jacket, Inti!
These are what Inti dan Inne gave me. Yayy!! Thank you, girls! Inne is still another town, we'll meet up next week.
BakerzIn has added like gazzilion new dishes to their menu, and they all look delish, but somehow, I always stick to this old favorite of mine: John dorry fish and baby potatoes!

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